Pakistani forces disappear five more Baloch

(Sangar News)

Two people went missing from Tump Occupied Balochistan, two others were arrested at a security forces post in Dasht , whereas, the fifth person was taken away by Pakistani security forces from a busy market in Panjgur town in Balochistan.

The arrests in Balochistan by Pakistani secret agencies are widely termed “abduction” by human rights activists as the people arrested are held in incommunicado detention in unknown locations.

In Tump, a local town in Turbat, Pakistani  forces raided an area called Malaant Bazaar and conducted a house to house search operation. Various homes were broken into during this operation. Pakistani forces took away two locals identified as Rashid and Abdul Karim with them.

In another incident, Pakistani security forces arrested two persons near a military post in Dasht area of Kech. The arrests were made at Talaar outpost. The arrested were identified as Makhdoom s/o Pindok and Aslam s/o Umetan. Both are residents of an area called Jathani Bazaar in Dasht.

The fifth person was arrested by civilian clothed secret services agents from a busy market in Panjgur town. He was identified as Noor Jan s/o Liaquat, resident of Buleda town.