Tutak tragedy completes its seventh year, but dozens of people are still missing: BSO-Azad

(Sangar News)
Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson in the issued statement pays rich tribute to Sangat Naeem Baloch and Sangat Yahya Baloch on the eve of their seventh martyrdom anniversary, and said that the military institutions of the occupier state conducted a large-scale military operation in Tutak area of Khuzdar on February 18, 2011, and arrested and disappeared 29 people. In the same operation, two BSO-Azad activists, Sangat Naeem Baloch and Sangat Yahya Baloch, were fired and killed in the presence of huge number of people.
While two homes were burnt in this operation and common people were made the subject of severe torture. BSO-Azad member Maqsood Qalandrani was also among the 29 abductees whose mutilated body was recovered on July 26, 2011. The rest of 18 people were released after inhuman mental and physical torture; while 10 people are still missing whose majority is members of BSO-Azad.        
After the deadly military operation of the state institutions in Tutak, the control of the area was given to a religious extremist and the head of the state’s death squad, Sahfeeq Mengal. The state death squad had severely disturbed the daily living of the common people there, which compelled them to live in the environment of extreme torture and fear.
The state death squad completely changed Tutak into a military base where the abducted people (those who were abducted from the surrounding areas) were killed and buried into mass graves. The recovery of the mass graves from Tutak on January 2014 is its clear example.  
More than one hundred bodies were recovered from those mass graves, just three of them were recognized who were political activists and resident of Awaran, but the state completely distorted the facts of those incidents. No representatives of human rights and media institutions were given access to the area of incident.
While international human rights institutions and global media also did not do their basic duties, they just trusted on the state stanceover such tragic incidence. Neither they visited the affected area nor did they do any sort of investigation, which itself is said to be the violation of the international human rights laws.         
The Central Spokesperson further said that Sangat Naeem, Sangat Yahya and Sangat Maqsood Qalandrani were students and political activists. State military institutions crushed all international laws and extrajudicially killed the political activists. Such extrajudicial killing of the students and political activists clearly depicts the state atrocities.
The state began the chain of torturous operations against BSO-Azad like democratic students organization in order to pressure its political stance. Dozens of BSO-Azad activists were extrajudicially killed in those torturous operations. Such heinous acts were aimed to ban the political stance of BSO-Azad. But despite all attempts, state is failed (and will be failed) to end the political and democratic struggle of BSO-Azad.