BLF claims the responsibility of attack on Army at Turbat

Quetta(Sangar News)

Balochistan Liberation Front’s spokesperson Gwahram Baloch claimed the responsibility of todays, Sunday, attack on Pakistan Army inTurbat city. He said, “Baloch guerrillas hurled two hand grenades on Army personnel at premises of Shahpur Hotel when they were coming out of hotel after attending guests”. As a result of the attack two military men, an officer and a soldier were killed.

The spokesman stated that military has established dozens of check posts and entire city is cordoned off to provide tight security to its offices in a so-called Makkuran festival. The current puppet Chief Minister of Occupied Balochistan, QudoosBezanjo was also present in the city to attend the festival.

The BLF spokesman stated, “we want to clarify that such so-called festival under the supervision of occupying Army is plain tactics to elongate slavery of Baloch nation.” 

“Any developmental work is a trap to ensnare us into the cage of a psychological slavery.” He commented.

Gwaharm Baloch continued, “we can celebrate our cultural festival our own way, but not under the thumbs of occupying forces whose hands are stained with the bloods of innocent Baloch people”  He said that Baloch nation is fully aware of the fact that no celebration can be commenced under the shadows of gun. He also appealed to Baloch people to avoid going near army and attending such so-called festival.