Fifteen abducted by military in Balochistan

(Sangar News)

Fifteen people have been reportedly forcibly disappeared by security forces in Balochistan’s districts of Kech and Pajngur since March 2.

On March 7, 2018, security forces abducted Ali Bakhsh Qadir Bakhsh and Awaz Malang, residents of Tank village of Hoshab from Kesak area of Turbat, district Kech.

On March 6, security forces abducted Samad Ali jan during a search operation in Tank area of Hoshab, district Kech.

On March 5, security forces conducted a military operation in Kolwa area of district Awaran. During the operation, forces burnt down 18 houses and a worship place of the minority Zikri religious community. Wahag Mia Madat, Mia Bahram Eid Mohammad and his brother Nek Saleh were abducted by security forces from Kanichi Kaor area of Kolwa during the operation.

On March 4, security forces abducted Dr. Saeed Baloch, a student of final year of the Bolan Medical College (BMC) from the student hostel in Quetta, capital of Balochistan.

A schoolteacher, Mujahid Shahdad, resident of Dandal village of Shapuk district Kech, was abducted by security forces from Absar area of Turbat, district Kech, on March 4, 2018.

On the same day, security forces abducted Azim Imam Bakhsh and Fahad Ibrahim, residents of Malant area of Tump, district Kech, during a search operation.

Separately, Saghir and Jalai, residents of Band Gwaz, Tump, district Kech, were abducted by security forces from Tump.

On March 3, security forces abducted Baba and Akram, both residents of Malant, Tump, district Kech, from Gomazi, district Kech.

On March 2, personnel of intelligence agencies raided an examination hall in the Tasp area of district Panjgur and abducted a student, Anees Abdul Khalid.

All the abductees have been shifted to unknown locations and their whereabouts remain unknown.

Enforced disappearances started in Balochishan in 2005, with abduction of student leaders. Since then thousands have become victims of enforced disappearances.

Media and human rights organizations are not allowed to visit Balochistan, while the reporters who tried to report the situation from Balochistan, have been abducted by military and most of them killed.

Human Rights WatchAmnesty InternationalHuman Rights Commission of Pakistan and the Supreme Court of Pakistan had accused Frontier Corps, Pakistan’s paramilitary force of forcibly disappearing the people in Balochistan. However, the incidents have increased.