State started long chain of Baloch genocide in Lyari: BSO-Azad

(sangar news)

Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson said in the issued statement that the occupier Pakistan started the long chain of the Baloch genocide in Lyari by using the name of state-backed gang war and drug.
On the night of March 13, 2018, at around 9 o’clock, hundreds of personnel of the Sindh Rangers cordoned off the Ali Mohammad Mohallah (Heer Gwat) Kalari, an area of Lyari, completely blocked the area for transportation and breached the respect of social code of ethics by conducting home-to-home search operation.
The residents of the area were besieged in their own houses due to the complete seal of the area, and those people who were out of their homes were not allowed to enter their homes which led the hundreds of the residents to stay on roads for whole night.
 While, dozens of people were injured due to the violent operations of the Rangers, but Rangers did not allow the ambulances to enter the area. A woman suffered heart attack due to the terrorist operations of Rangers, and this women died of not accessing the medical aid due to stopping ambulances to access her.   
The Spokesperson said that state forces conduct operations using name of gang war, but the fact is that the common Baloch is the target of these operations.  In kalari, during the said operation against the gang war, Rangers killed four Baloch youth, among them one victim, Chakar, was mentally retarded person, another victim, Mehr Ali Baloch, was abducted and disappeared two years ago from Sengoline, an area of Lyari.
 Residents of Malir Dawood Goth, Aamir son of Ali Bakhsh and Umair son of Ali Bakhsh were abducted on August 2017 from their home; were missing since then. These three youth were killed in the fake encounter in recent Kalari operation.
It is to be clear that the families of these three youth have registered a petition against their forced disappearance in court. Nearly 300 people were arrested and then shifted to the Sindh Peoples Stadium Rangers Camp located at the Mari Pour Road. A majority of the illegal detainees were released after physical and mental torture, but dozens are still in the illegal detention of Ranger.  
Rangers patrolling, abduction of common people and making children and women the subjected of torture have became very common in all areas of Lyari. Under the long-term state plan of the Baloch genocide in Lyari, state itself is making youth to be involved in the Baloch genocidal plans, because youth are made the part of the state-backed gang war. These youth are abducted on the daily basis, and then are killed in fake encounters after three to four months illegal detention.
The spokesperson appealed to the Baloch youth to protect themselves from the tactical plans of the state because the youth are the Baloch national assets. Spokesperson said that the Baloch youth should utilize their capabilities for the Baloch national interests.