Baloch nation and Human Rights :Kachkol Ali Advocate

(Sangar News)

Senior leader of BNM Kachkol Ali Advocate in his statement, released today, said

Without any prejudice, I have to say that now Panjab is relising what would be happing with the family of those whom beloveds have been enforced disappearanced, the Baluch peoples have been suffering from this unimaginable atrocities since a decade, but it is regrettable to say the intelligentia, human rights organizations have not cognizant this vital issue properly. whether Baluch youth are not human beings who are facing miserable lives in torture cell are being killed custodially, whether the Baluch women are not women being have been enforced disappearanced before Zinat. Zarina and hundreds other women are in illegal custody of security forces including our children.

I have read in books that the university of Human Rights makes it the duty to fight when violence and violation occur any corner of the world, but you Panjab human rights defenders, which is crystal clear violation of mandate which are enshrined in the Fact Sheet No 29 of the human rights, they are also playing the same role which panjab army General are baised with other communities but treats Panjabi people in different way, if you friends remember that when Khadam Hussain Razvi blocked the Islamabad roads, the Chief of army without bothering that Khadam Hussain had took the law into his hands said that he cannot implement and enforce laws against Razvi, whether it is not double standard with other ethnic groups. I conclude my comments with the immortal world of Gandhiji that "All humanity is one undivided and indivisible family, and each one of us is responsible for the misdeeds of all the others. I can't detach myself from the wickedest soul"