Dozens of BRP and BRSO members from UK, Canada, Germany, Gulf, Karachi and Makuran resigned from their party and organisation over the controversial statement of BRP head.

 (Quetta Sangar News) After BRP’s president Nawab Brahamdagh Bugti’s controversial statement regarding the 27th march, keeping the dead lock and no response to the draft sent by the Republican committee. Dozens of Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Students Organisation members resigned from their party and organisation. Today, all members sent their resignations to the zonal presidents and central leadership of the party.

In a statement, the Republican Committee, which was created after BRP’s president’s controversial statement on 27th, March 2018, said that “Today we all jointly resigned from Baloch republican Party (BRP) and Baloch Republican Students Organisation (BRSO) and disaffiliate us from the party. Members who resigned from the party are from UK, Canada, Germany, Gulf and Makuran chapters of the party. In an email, we also sent names of all members who resigned from party.”

Further in their statement committee members said, Understanding the sensitivity of the situation, we are not in position to public the names of likeminded members in media. The ideological crisis at the party took place intensely at the time when party president Nawab Brahamdagh Bugti tweeted that “On March 27th 1948, Pakistan attacked and forcefully annexed Kalat, one of the states of Balochistan. The other states and tribal areas had joined Pakistan before that. It is factually incorrect to 27 March occupation day of entire Balochistan.”

After tweets of BRP president, ideological members of party drafted a letter and sent to the party president and zonal presidents. In the draft, we mentioned our reservations and concerns regarding the controversial tweets of BRP head and asked clarification to clear our reservations. Our basic question was, why and how he took a U-turn on the basic foundation of the national movement? Which Baloch intellectuals or non-Baloch intellectuals did party president studied or took onboard before rejecting this historic fact? After tweets of party president, we individually contacted to the CC members and central cabinet members of party. In return we received controversial views which make us believe those decisions were taken in Geneva by some individuals. Apart from party members, some members of central cabinet had also reservations on this issue. Because of some temporary incentives may be the central cabinet members kept silence.

Committee members further said that, we always raised our voice against the wrong policies and unconstitutional acts within the party. Because party was under influence and control of a specific lobby, no one gave importance to our concerns. According to the constitution of BRP after every three years party should held general party elections to elect new members for central committee and central cabinet. But, from last seven years party doesn’t held any council session. Therefore, by the constitution of BRP current central cabinet and cc members are holding their positions unconstitutionally. The party has become completely anti-democratic and promoting group politics. Best example of this is the ignoring of majority members of party over serious issues. In democratic parties every members have right to criticism, right to disagreement and right to debate on different issues.

The Republican committee said in their statement that, the main aim of our draft and questions were to promote a democratic and political culture within the party. To please the specific lobby within party our draft has been ignored which resulted in our resignations from the party. We also announce that we dissolve the temporary formed “The Republican committee”.