A letter to United Nations’ Secretary General

  António Guterres, Secretary-General of United Nation

Your Excellency                                                                                       
Subject:  Innocent women, children and non-combatants to be released from Pakistan security internment camps

It is an established fact that there is a resistance movement for the restoration of aboriginal position of Balochistan, which was occupied by committing crime of aggression on 27th March 1948. This movement of self-determination of Baloch is according to the Charter of United Nations and prevailing international law and norms . It is also pertinent to mention that Pakistan has been seriously breaching all customary international humanitarian laws, especially IV rules for the protection of civilian persons in time of wars. Pakistan has interned non combatants, women and children on suspicion of involvement in resistance movement. The families of the suspects are kept as hostage in the internment camps and are being used as reprisals. Crucial examples are mentioned below.

As many as 40 women and children, belonging to the same family, are under custody of Pakistani military and its local death squads in Mashkay, a local media outlet has claimed.

Mashkay, the hometown of medical doctor turned armed leader of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), Dr. Allah Nazar has been target of continuous military operations in last few  years. The town is considered one of the most volatile regions in Balochistan, where skirmishes between Baloch armed groups and Pakistani military are routine.

According to the report, the aforementioned women and children were arrested during a military operation on 1st December, 2017. They have since been interned in internment camps run by Pakistani military and a local death squad headed by a local death squad in Mashkey.

One of the women named Naz Gul wife of Iqbal was ‘murdered’ in internment camp, the few days ago. She was 28 years of age. Her husband Iqbal is still interned, their two daughters, who are 3 and 1 years of age are also in the illegal custody of the military as internees.

The names and details of women and children who are in internment camp are as follows:

Mir Ali Mohammad, 70 years old. Mr. Mohammad is paralyzed.
Abdul Malik s/o Mir Ali Mohammad, 38 years old.
Mariam w/o Abdul Malik and daughter in law of Mir Ali Mohammad, 35 years old.
Haji Raheem s/o Mir Ali Mohammad, 36 years old.
Gul Pari w/o Haji Raheem and daughter in law of Mir Ali Mohammad, 30 years old.
Ali Ahmed s/o Haji Raheem, 9 years old.
Yar Jan s/o Haji Raheem, 6 years old.
Bibi Aziza w/o Ismaeel and daughter in law of Mir Ali Mohammad.
Moheem Khan s/o Bibi Aziza, 15 years old.
Kareem Khan s/o Bibi Aziza, 13 years old.
Waheed Khan s/o Bibi Aziza, 11 years old.
Nusrat d/o Bibi Aziza, 9 years old.
Fareeda Bibi (second) w/o Ismaeel and daughter in law of Mir Ali Mohammad.
Mujeeb ur Rehman s/o Fareeda Bibi, 8 years old.
Khaleel s/o Fareeda Bibi, 6 years old.
Abdullah s/o Fareeda Bibi, 4 years old.
Haseeda d/o Fareeda Bibi, 2 years old.
Hameeda d/o Fareeda Bibi, 9 months old.
Iqbal s/o Mir Ali Mohammad, 34 years old.
6 children of Abdul Malik are also held at the same detention center. The eldest child is 12 years old, whereas, the youngest is only one year old.

In the above-mentioned circumstances, It is therefore requested to your excellency to take appropriate action and Pakistan government to be directed for the release of the innocent women children and civilans from the notorious internment camp situated at Mashkey in Baluchistan and rescue them from further torture and sex slavery.


Kachkol Ali Advocate - Baloch National Movement