Attacked and killed a Pakistan army personnel in Turbat city. Balochistan Liberation Front

(Sangar News)

The spokesperson of Balochistan Liberation Front Goharam Baloch, called media houses from an unknown location and claimed responsibilities of multiple attacks on Pakistani occupying forces.

Goharam Baloch said, on April 21th, 2018 BLF fighters attacked and killed a Pakistan army personnel in Turbat city when he was on duty outside a medical store. After attack BLF fighters confiscated the weapon of army personnel. We request from Baloch nation to stay away from Pakistani army, spies and pro-government parties who strengthen pillars of Pakistan and busy in Baloch genocide.

He further said, on yesterday Baloch freedom fighters attacked a Paksitani army outpost with sniper rifles and killed one army personnel in Aseya Abad, Tump. Also in Aseya Abad, Tump in a separate attack BLF fighters attacked another Pakistani army outpost with heavy weapons. Two army personnel were killed and two injured as result of attack.

Goharam Baloch vowed that these attacks will continue till the liberation of Balochistan.