They have begun attacking our funerals; condemn the shooting at AtifBaloch’s burial: Dr Allah Nazar

(Sangar News)

Pro-independence Baloch leader Dr Allah Nazar strongly condemnedthe shooting atmartyrAtifBaloch’s funeral by Pakistani state backed death squad in Mand. The attack on the funeral is the worst example of state terrorism.

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch said, Pakistan is violating all international laws in Balochistan. Silence of the UN on those violations is licensing Pakistan Army, its death squads and religious extremists to continue their vicious activities in Balochistan. Today, the so-called nationalists who talk about tradition and values;the religious scholars who issue fatwa in the name of Islam,are blinded by greed and power. All are silent on onMand incident. Such deed is a slap on the faces of so called nationalists as well. Their silence on such acts of terrorism during such events ispart of their preparations for the up-coming general elections. NP, BNP and other so-called nationalists are not even familiar with the definition of nationalism and are far off being nationalists. The so-called representatives of Islam have also distorted the true teachings and face of Islam in the dirty politics of Pakistan.


Baloch leader said, Baloch nation and history will never forgive occupying state’s crime partners who are part of its parliament despite the gross violations of our culture and dignity, and the cruelty perpetrated during the funeral of Atif Jan. This shameful act is neither permitted in Balochi traditions nor in Islamic teachings. Today, the so-called nationalists and religious scholars in Balochistan have mortgaged the Balochi traditions and code of conduct to the GHQ in order to secure their vested interests and seatsin the parliament. Those forces are trying to keep Baloch nation in eternal slavery and are disrespecting Baloch history, traditions and identity.

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch paid rich tribute to martyr Atif Baloch and Khalil Baloch,the uncle of Atif Jan, who was martyred in the attack athis funeral. He said, it is the continuation of the sacrificesby Baloch nation for their independence. Pakistani forces saw their defeat in Balochistan, now the forces have started attacking the funerals of Baloch people. We have anticipated it since the day one as our enemy is uncivilized and can cross all limits. But we want to tell them that, Baloch national movement will not be weakened by their pathetic tactics. Such atrocities shall solidify our resolve.