Human Rights: Fresh HR Body IHRC-Hong Kong Launched

(Sangar News)

May 8, 2018, Hong Kong SAR, Sri Lanka Guardian) “We are glad to announce the formation of International Human Rights Council – Hong Kong (IHRC-HK) based in Hong Kong, with the active participation of the dedicated human rights defenders from the various countries in Asia, specifically from the region of South Asia. This is a region where the justice delivery mechanisms have contributed more to injustice than to justice and where this defective system has contributed to their further victimization,” in their first press release issued by the IHRC-HK has noted.

All types of victims, denied, deprived or facing violation of their rights have longed for space to voice their violations. These victims have the right to know the mechanisms, the institutions and persons that on the one had perpetrated the violations or those that prevent the delivery of redress, on the other. Thus the explicit aim of this organization is to expose both these components so that the victims together with the human rights defenders are in a position to make informed decisions and adopt effective action both for the reform of the system of justice and the enforcement of the rule of law.

Mr. Baseer Naveed, the executive director, while announcing the formation of the IHRC-HK, stated, that it is to “Articulate the voice of the victims, place it in their proper human and legal context, examine the justice delivery system with a view to its reform and the enforcement of the rule of law both for punitive and preventive action”.

To walk with the victims of various human rights violations will be the foundation of this organization, which we hope will eventually become a movement than an organization. This requires the actual participation of the human rights defenders and the citizen’s societies, who will help us to be victim-centered, transparent and accountable. “We believe in enhancing the capacity of individuals throughout the region to address abuses and violations of their basic human rights. The IHRC-HK will actively lobby for changes to national, regional or international law and for their effective implementations. The countries in the region that have signed, and in some cases ratified the UN Conventions, have failed the people. In fact most of the public is

unaware of the commitments made by our governments to the international community. We hereby assume the responsibility to keep our people informed of the obligations arising from these commitments and their implementation, so that the governments become more responsible to its own people and the international community”.

Mr. Naveed, in a press release defining the method of working, went on to say that the IHRC-HK will focus on cases of individuals that are subjected to violations by the State and their functionaries exposing also the institutions of justice which have become the tools of injustice and repression. These can be followed by Urgent Responses, Statements, and Reports for sessions of the UN Human Rights Commission and different stakeholders. The purpose of Urgent Response is: To expose the authorities that have turned a blind eye to abuses, press for immediate legal action against perpetrators, redress to the victims and to mobilize civil society response by way of signatures.