The geographical importance of Balochistan and political variations

By:Kamal Baloch
Voice chairmen B S O Azad

Balochistan due to its geographical significance is being discussed in most of the stages worldwide. The themes of the discussions related to Balochistan are very importantly debatable with utmost value not because of its only regional but international importance which is enhancing consistently. The war of power in the globe that the colonialist powers exercise entail the lands with geographical significance and this is the reason, the world powers feasted the eyes upon Balochistan. After the 2nd world war and during the cold war era, when USSR attacked on Afghanistan, in real the aim of assault behind the realities was to get approach to the coastal belt of Balochistan.
   USSR at the time was very much familiar in order to reinforce the political and economic aspects of the power gain, taking in control the warm-water of Balochistan is sort of mandatory drive. All such expansionist projects and policies were not acceptable for the American’s allies so in result the United States fetched the Taliban on front against the USSR and by backing of Pakistan they have been assisted in terms of politics and warfare. In an example which has been stated by a writer, Ahmed Rasheed in a book of him “Taliban” that the American diplomates have routinely visited the campsites of the group. In integral emergence of Taliban and the awful defeat of USSR forces there remained the firm connection of Pakistan to offer weaponries and warfare trainings at standings of vigilance against USSR.
 The armed forces of Pakistan considering the Taliban as divine help, utilized them against USSR. After defeat of USSR and its withdrawal from Afghanistan the Taliban spun to be the toys at hands of Pakistani Governments. America, at that juncture left the group on the mercy of Governments of Pakistan because what America desired, get succeeded over in terms of overpowering the USSR. Pakistani leaders during the supervisory assistance of Taliban and their decent obedience towards, had claimed declaring Afghanistan even as the Fifth province however that is another thing the Taliban never accepted the Durand line as an international demarcation. Before the incident of Nine Eleven 9/11 or after that Pakistan has been supporting the Taliban clandestinely which has been even confessed by various former political and military officers.  
    Former president, retired general Perviaz Musharaf has once even called Ayman Alzawaheeri and Taliban as the heroes. In concise, anything happening in context of this region, such as the wandering status of the families in thousands in Afghanistan and Pakistan and massacres of the people countlessly revolve into the polices and responsibility of Pakistan who has been the founding factor of radicalism based Al-Qaida and Taliban in footings of progress. If the description to be continued regarding Taliban it may get extended so it was meant to illuminate that Pakistan on the walk of accomplishing the interventionist aims can adopt any way out. Balochistan has made its importance to be accepted worldwide, Pakistan on the other side applying all its influential mechanizations to sustain the cage of occupation longer.  
    I would like to repeat, to bring the geopolitical importance of Balochistan, the giant powers are trying to rub in a design of exploitation under their sway. We are probably limited to know about the great game the world powers instigated. Pakistan deliberately allusions the Baloch movement in media nonsensically to keep the issue away to stretch.
  That is the reason Taliban and other religious extremists are being suckled and to be used for countering the Baloch movement. Baloch not only confront the occupied armed forces however there is presence of the Islamic extremists in antagonisms too. On the other hand, it is a well-known fact that Pakistan is a luxuriant region for growing up the proxies for the world powers.
   Alike Saudi Arabia, powers to feed up the Islamic extremists handle and support financially the Madarass as similar to states like Pakistan in terms of investment to divert the mentality of the young generation into the spectrum of extremism.
   The so-called smeared war against  terrorism is undoubtedly not being fought to demise it however it is just suckling the sources to carry on and sustain the business of aids because the world most powerful states in bringing the weak states into the corridor of uncertainties in order to get into adjacent for exploiting the resources.
   To know the political situations globally there is a dire requirement of connecting the events and circumstances. To look at the political disparities, Balochistan’s standpoint in perspective of historical significance is the need of time in order to comprehend the occurring incidents befalling unceasingly. As it has been stated earlier, as for in accordance with the world powers, a country like Pakistan is just of a pictogram, to whom protecting its administrator come on to vantage point of sacrifice. World powers will never look at such states to be kept as slave however instigate them in such a way to fence in the economic barriers of never ending.                                
This time Pakistan has been totally grabbed by world’s loan chain, it is very difficult for her to get rid of these hardships. Whereas the Media in Pakistan hiding the truth from it’s public to demonstrate the construction of roads as developmental works but in real these all cannot conceal the reality behind, majority of the people in Pakistan living under line of poverty. The country must be hallow inside when it is incapable to allocate jobs to its citizens. The history of Pakistan has been made upon the twisted basis to cheat its own public, looking over last 30 to 35 years of Pakistani history, represents its charisma within itself that how Pakistan has been using the religion as a weapon for its vested interests. By the auxiliary of the militants groups before Saudi Arabia was with it but now China is assisting as well in the manners Saudi Arabia did previously. Pakistan in provision of dollars and liability can be a beneficiary to any state and China on this context interestingly willing to occupy Balochistan to increase its economic and military power.
      The frontrunners of Pakistan in lieu of few constructed roads and expensive electricity is retailing the history of Balochistan, the geographical significance, the identity of Baloch and the ethnicities, which is considered a habit of the occupiers. For both China and Pakistan, Balochistan is affluent, being a region full of resources but to Baloch this land was overpriced when there was no source of dripping out these minerals. Baloch will fight for the sovereignty of this land to live within order to sniff the fresh air for the reason that the thousands years old distinctiveness of Baloch links with it.
To diminish the allied passionately-zeal of Baloch to its land, Pakistan alongside with its allies fueling the Talibanization. In the coastal areas of Balochistan, this policy is being practically subverted, the forces which are sincerely in a battle within these extremists, the existence and growing up the mentioned groups would be a greater challenge onward. But it seems a lamentation that yet they are silent in this repute, however the state of affairs in Balochistan is being kept away from media but the continuity of many incidents turned Balochistan into status of conflict zone. The mutilated dead bodies, recovery of the mass graves and the cases of abduction and killing of women correlated occurrences get the world into a status of an arguable attention. But in an inaudible abattoir of Balochistan such happenings vanish just as a yell of a victim. The world now requires to take out the strip to have a glance at the affairs of Balochistan. This e world powers have to get to reckon that Balochistan is not a proxy of any power however it can play its function as a responsible state more appropriately.