I prefer sending my son to be a labor abroad

By: Shad Baloch

     Whenever the images of missing youth from Balochistan in social media come to my visions, my wonder of knowing and making the imaginary sensations of their siblings and more especially the parents wrap me up in a despondent end. Last day I have gone through a report of press conference at Quetta Press club, where a sister (Hameeda Baloch) of a missing Sagheer Baloch was expressing her story in order to have a glance from the journalists that might assist in a safe recovery of a son whose mother’s eyes are feed up to see him back. After repeated demonstrations and press conferences in Karachi where the missing has been enforcedly whisked away in the premises of UoK by the plane dressed personal alongside the Rangers, She get disappointed and turned attention to Balochistan for a process of conveying a message where Media has previously pledged to keep noiseless over a situation where the armed forces if to be alleged for abduction or atrocities.  

     Similarly, there are hundreds of sisters from Balochistan who lost their beloved brothers, some have hardly succeeded to see their missing brothers back safe and sound but there continue numerous who even don’t have a hope of their existence. There enlisted missing persons whose whereabouts have been decades unknown, whether they are alive or died, enhances the level of concerns as the Pakistani policy of suppression and subjugation has taken the lives of many in the aggressive dungeons during the brutal enquiry which they considered a way of diminishing the independent movement, Baloch has initiated from the day of annexation.

     This is not only Hameeda Baloch whose entrances to education has barred, whose desire to see a brother educated unfulfilled, whose ambition of being an educated girl to face the hardships and pave ways for others where girls even don’t know what education is unresolved, there are hundreds of such sisters of missing to pause getting education as an objective of being a voice or support of a mother’s shivering and painful circumstances to be at home until the safe recovery of the missing.      
  Not only Sagheer’s mother await to see her son back and never again send him to the educational universities, there are hundreds of such mothers whose beloved’s anguishes debilitated them and obliged them to either send their sons abroad to work and earn some livelihood rather than getting education in Pakistan. 
They know better than anyone else how much fiercening it is, when a family member goes missing. Missing Sagheer’s mother screams speak how terrible the 
circumstances would be when someone has been sent to fulfill his wishes but forced to be in torture cells with insufferable distresses.  

    How they pass out the days in absence of the ones who are the glimpse of the families. If an individual is missing and has been whisked away by the security forces will certainly elevate the disquiets as it is an uncovered reality, they brutally torture the abducted persons, keep them psychologically intimidated and warned them to inflict the firmest hurdles to confess their involvement in any of the action that is anti-state and relates with the Baloch independent movement.

     The fake encounter-terrorism strategy to declare the missing persons as armed activists after extermination, has as well become an intimidating factor which has kept all victims’ families scared. 

Numerous missing persons from Balochistan have been victims and there are hundreds of such missing whose fates are under grave dangers. Missing Sagheer’s mother and sister both are today restless that a day might not bring the news of his killing.

     Hameeda Baloch while narrating her story of leaving the studies stated that, “the discomfort of a son’s missing is terribly intolerable and inexplicable, because I find no plenty of words to express the anguishes that we face presently. This was the reason, I abandon my nursing course to raise my voice, however it may not help me see my brother back from the inhuman dungeons where hundreds of Baloch missing’s dead bodies handed over to the families but it will support me consolidate myself that I attempted to draw the attention of the human defenders nonetheless their concern didn’t get into an issue”.

  The anxieties of hundreds of the families from Balochistan are almost comparable. All of the mothers are exhausted to see their son’s safe recovery and many of the families seeing the circumstances of the educational institutes from where the students are being enforcedly disappeared in a bright light has kept them prefer sending their sons abroad for livelihood.

  On the other hand, the international based human rights commissions and philanthropists yet didn’t emphasis on the mechanism that Pakistan violating in terms of human rights to be curbed. That is the reason the situation of enforced disappearances in Balochistan has turned to be condemnably overwhelming