Raid on Karima Baloch’s home is symbol of state fear from political struggle: BSO-Azad

Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson in an issued statement condemned the raid on BSO-Azad Central Chairperson Karima Baloch’s home by the state forces, and said that BSO-Azad is a peaceful student organization which uses peaceful means of struggle in its struggle of national independence, but the state is afraid of BSO-Azad’s political struggle and is using its complete machinery to deviate BSO-Azad from its peaceful means of struggle.

BSO-Azad’s hundreds of activists have been killed and enforcedly disappeared by the state of Pakistan which includes the activists from the central leadership to unit members in this list. Raid on Karima Baloch’s home and torture on her family members, in fact, shows the defeat and fear of the sate. Before this, home of Karima Baloch and several other political activists have been raided, looted and their family members were severely tortured.

In 2014, Chairperson Karima Baloch’s house was attacked by mortar shells, then her home was raided and family members were badly tortured, but the morale of Baloch political activists won’t be down by such acts of state, even such acts will be the factors to boost their morale.

Quetta(sangarnews)Spokesperson extremely condemned the military operations of the state forces in Dera Bugti, and said that the forces killed two Baloch individuals, Murad Baksh Bugti and Rindo Bugti, and injured several others through the bombardment of the fighter jets.  

The ground forces sealed the entry and exit points of the area, and the area is under the complete army siege. Seven people were abducted during the home-to-home search operations and the raids of the forces, and these abductees were shifted to the local army camp.  Due to the blockades of the roads, there are many hardships for shifting the injured ones to hospital which created fear of increase in casualties.   

Spokesperson said that the international laws give the Baloch nation right to make reach their voice to the world via peaceful means, but Pakistan is depriving Baloch nation from this right as well.  It is the fundamental responsibility of the United Nations to bring Pakistan to the International Court of Justice for committing serious human rights violation.