Hurled hand grenade on army truck, ordinary citizens should stay away from Pakistani army and their collaborators. BLF

(Sangar News)

The spokesperson of Balochistan Liberation Front Goharam Baloch, called media houses from an unknown location and claimed responsibility of attack on Pakistani army vehicle in Turbat city.

Goharam Baloch said, on May 15, 2018 BLF fighters hurled a hand grenade on Pakistan army truck, when truck was loading in Imam Jan transport near National Bank in Turbat city.
He added, we request ordinary citizens to stay away from Pakistani army and their collaborators. Since general elections are coming close, Pakistan has intensified military operations and pro Pakistani parties once again begun their activities in Balochistan. We will be attacking polling stations, election commission offices and army personnel everywhere in Balochistan, as we did in last general elections.

Goharam Baloch appealed from Baloch nation to avoid any activities and keep distance from candidates of general elections.