Attacked mobile tower in district Washuk near CPEC route . BLF

(Sangar News)

The spokesperson of Balochistan Liberation Front Goharam Baloch, called media houses from an unknown location and claimed responsibility of attack on mobile phone tower on CPEC route in district Washuk.

Goharam Baloch said, on May 16, 2018 BLF fighters attack Pakistani mobile company tower and disabled it near CPEC route in Gorki, Rakhshan district Washuk.
He added, this area is located on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Development and facilities in these areas are not for Baloch nation. These so-called developments in the form of mobile towers in these areas are to facilitate the occupational army by providing internet access to their military equipment to locate and trace Baloch freedom fighters and their sympathizers.

Goharam Baloch said, there is no basic health and educational facilities in these areas. But Pakistan for nefarious designs is installing new towers on the name of development.