Unavailability of clean drinking water negates all claims of state: BSO-Azad


Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson expressed deep sorrow and concerns over the death of seven people and unstable health condition of several residents of Tadanch, a mountainous area of Jahu, by drinking polluted water, and the spokesperson added that unavailability of clean drinking water in 21st century to the people of Balochistan is a worst symbol of slavery.     

Jahu is one the most backward areas which lacks every need of life and the residents of this area are compelled to drink water from reserves of rainy water which had suffered people with different diseases.

Most of the areas of Balochistan face a crisis like situation due to military siege of the areas. Previously, people also have died of drinking polluted water, but such incidents couldn’t be revealed to the world due to lack of media and criminal role of the state of Pakistan.      

There are few uncertain reports of mixing chemical in the water reserves of Awaran and Mashkay also. There is no one to ask about this condition of people of Awaran, Mashkay and Jahu, and the residents of these areas suffer insecurity due to the barbarism of security forces and lack of other facilities of life.  

According to the residents, the water reserves in Tadanch, an area of Jahu, were not drinkable previously, but after the military operations in which chemical was mixed in waters reserves that increased the death ratio greatly.      

The state military institutions are using different means to compel people for vacating their areas and resettling near the army camps. After the failure in use of threats, the military institutions once banned the transfer of ration to the population and now incidents of mixing chemical in water reserves are being reported.

The central spokesperson said that the state is severely committing human rights violation for the completion of its notorious aims. The international institutions should take notice of such state barbarism and play their role for the protection of the oppressed Baloch people from barbarism of Pakistani military institutions.