Dasht: Pakistani Army's harrasment to women, what are the facts?

Dasht (Sangar Exclusive Report) Pakistani Army abducted a Baloch women bibi Haleema from Rindani bazar and  shifted her to military camp, when this news started circulation via social media then Sangar  correspondent started its investigation and came to a shocking revelation that Army not only had abducted this women before but also many other similar women abductions had been happening. 
From reliable sources it has been confirmed that 
On 20 May 2018 from Dasht area of Rindani bazar a Baloch women bibi Haleema d/o Abid, resident of Rindani bazar Taloi was abducted by the Army and transferred to nearby Army central camp, 
It is stated that Bibi Haleema was released later at midnight. The abductee repotedly have suffered severe psychological and physical harrasment. Due to sensitive nature of traditional values incidents like this are not reported but instead are kept hidden. Resources told Sangar representative that the effectee is a political worker and has been politically active in this area. 
Resources also pointed out that she has also previously been abducted  during a military operation when she has been kept all day long in custody. 
This time she was abducted when her brother was released from custody (who was there for many days) while army trying to abduct an other woman which failed due to resistance by area people. Meanwhile they couldn't stop army tyrannising the women. 

Is this first time army doing such brutality? 

No, as per reports recieved to Sangar which state that army has been fully involved in assaults against Baloch women for many times in areas of Dasht especially Taloi, Rindi bazar, Soruk and other villages. Where for long time Baloch women are being abducted and kept in military camps for days and weeks. Sadly people here are shrink to talk about the issue. Effectees say that" army has threatened them not to talk on this matter otherwise they shoul prepare to face severe repercussions". On the other hand people fear infamy and are reluctant to talk on this dire act of violence. In this region forcefully checking mobile phones, snatching  mobile and stealing mobile phone numbers of women later harassing, threatening, abusing them by army has become a routine. 

Why these incidents are then not covered by mainstream media? 

Nasir Baloch, finance secretary of nationalist party Baloch National Movement told Sangar representative that " couple of months ago I was appried that army has assaulted two Baloch women while an other such try was flapped by the woman".
Nasir Baloch further elaborated that " while army was trying to inroad Baloch woman she threatened to blaze herself up seeing this army retreated (because of the fear of mass enragement) ".
This incident was also not reported to media because the families pressurized not to report otherwise they could suffer shame and severe infamy. So, the reporting declined. 
Meanwhile military operations and oppressions are rampantly ongoing in the Makran region. Due to unavailability of internet world is unaware of the specifications and severity of such incidents. In whole of Makran only Kech has DSL internet connection and limited mobile internet available in Buleda and Hoshap. Except these areas internet is totally voin because of ban by state of Pakistan. 

Resultantly due to sensitive nature of Baloch society regarding there honor and state blockade of media resources getting complete picture of this grave situation is a great challenge. 
Such intensely tragic events of suppression being failed to get global and regional attention is not less than a calamity. Because of which there tyrannical brutalities are on the rise and unheard poor Baloch nation is suffering worse state savagness.