CPEC is part of Chinese plans to take over the world through the one belt and one road . Nabi Baksh Baloch

(Sangar News)

Nabi Baksh Baloch, a member of BNM Foreign Committee, was speaking during an event in US organised by Free Karachi, a group run by former MQM leader Nadeem Nusrat.

BNM Foreign Committee member Nabi Baloch adress the  unit, he said
Just 71 years ago, the Baloch people had a land to call their own and the Urdu speaking people sitting here were not called “Muhajirs”.
But things changed with the creation of Pakistan and the occupation of Balochistan. It must be remembered that apart from causing the death of millions of people in Asia, the creation of Pakistan also gave validity to the idea of a radical Islamic country.
 As a result, today Pakistan stands as one of the biggest official and unofficial sponsor of Islamic terrorism. Not only terrorising the whole world but also it has created an atmosphere of terror within the country itself. The Christian minorities, Sindhis, muajirs, Hazaras, Gilgitbaltestani, Pashtons and the Baloch are all in one way or other similar target of Pakistani state terror.

He Said,Since 2001, thousands of political activists have been enforced disappeared in Balochistan. Most of the time their dead bodies are being thrown in the wilderness.
With the so called inception of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), these atrocities have grown worse. The CPEC is part of Chinese plans to take over the world through the One Belt and One Road Initiative, all one port at a time. The Pakistani Government has already handed over the strategically important Gwadar port in Balochistan to China. Reports also suggest that China would be allowed to establish a naval base on the Baloch coast. It is clear that China has not only economical but also strategic military ambitions in the region, expanding its military presence in the Indo pacific region. Eventually dominating and projecting power and influence around the globe from the Horn of Africa into the Middle East and South Asia.
The Pakistani Elite who had been sponsoring terror throughout the history of Pakistan are the only beneficent of these projects in Pakistan, while the people of Balochistan are the worst affected. With the start of these projects the Pakistani military operations against the indigenous Baloch have increased many folds. And I regret to say, that these atrocities are being carried out with the weapons that the USA has provided to Pakistan. Instead of going against the Islamic militants, the Pakistan army has been brutalizing the indigenous people who might be a hurdle to the Chinese and Pakistani ambitions. Political rights and demands are being met with enforced disappearances and dead bodies. Only in 2016 the dead bodies of more than 1000 Baloch activists were dumped after they were enforced disappeared by the Pakistani army. And more than another 1000 were dumped in 2017.
Few had been released after being extremely tortured.
The Baloch people are not just being marginalized economically but also culturally. The Balochi language is under suppression.  Artist and educationalists are being target killed in order to remove the more secular members of the Baloch society.  Children as young as 9 years old are being enforced disappeared to strength the army’s hold through fear and terror.
The people of Balochistan are treated as colonized people with no regards to their fundamental rights. Drinking water is scarce. People and animals drink from the same ponds. Most of the schools situated on the CPEC route area are used by the army as camp bases, Universities and colleges are cordoned off with high number of army personnel. As a result the literacy rate is not only the lowest in Pakistan but one of the lowest in the world. A person who can write his name is considered as literate in Pakistan. And all this poverty and misery despite Balochistan providing Gold, Copper, Gas and strategic importance to Pakistan. For example, the indigenous people in the city of Gwadar which is termed as the gateway to CPEC lacks drinking water. While all the sources of water are being diverted to the Chinese and the army who are there for their security. There were some sporadic protests against this water unavailability but the protests were met with an iron hand resulting in more enforced disappearances.
The story of our misery and marginalization is long and it might be comprehensible that a radical country like Pakistan would continue these atrocities. But for me, it is incomprehensible that a country like USA which stands for freedom and human dignity continues supporting Pakistan militarily and economically. I reiterate a request that has been many times voiced by the Baloch people in Balochistan. The USA and the European Union with all their allies should stop funding and supporting Pakistan immediately. Pakistan should be declared a state sponsor of terror, a human rights violator and sanctions put in effect against Pakistan and help Baloch people to continue their national struggle.
The event was attended by US Congressmen Scott Perry and Tom Garrett, who also spoke at the event.