Baloch land became an encampment of lethal diseases due to nuclear attacks : BSO-Azad


(Sangar News)

Quetta: The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) said in the issued statement that May 28 posses the value of a black day in the Baloch national history. On this day, Paksitan tested its nuclear weapons right near the population that made the Baloch land an encampment of cancer like different types of lethal diseases. The effects of the nuclear attacks will remain in Chaghi and its surrounding areas for centuries.
Pakistan has committed a highly serious crime by using the land of occupied Balochistan as a firing range, but the silence of international institutions and ineligibility of United Nations Disarmament Commissions (UNDC) gave free hand to Pakistan for the use of nuclear weapons in Balochistan that generated a severe human tragedy there and this tragedy is a slap on the face of these institutions.
The spokesperson further said that the devastation caused by the nuclear tests have severely affected the people of Chaghi and the surrounding areas. The nuclear experiments became the factor of climate changes that increased the extremity of summer season of these areas, rainy seasons are almost vanished and human life suffers extreme crises there, but Pakistan, in order to hide its crimes, does not allow the international institutions to visit the affected areas.
The source of income for the people of Chaghi and its surrounding areas is the livestock and agriculture only, but the livestock and corps were destroyed due to the nuclear attacks which deprived people of food. The land of Balochistan is enriched with natural resources, but the people of this land are deprived of basic facilities of life after the state occupation. Schools, hospitals and other public institutions do not exist. 
Bombardment of Baloch people and state’s genocidal policies are being promoted through the use of Balochistan’s resources. To name the destruction of Baloch people as “Youm-e-Takbeer” (The Day of Pride) and to celebrate this day shows that the relation between Baloch and state of Pakistan is just of an oppressor and the oppressed.                 
The Central Spokesperson said that BSO-Azad is going to hold a program about the May 28 in Bielefeld University Germany on this day, and all zones are urged to hold public references on account of the Youm-E-Ass Rook (The Day on Fire) while an awareness campaign will be run on the social media for the exposure of the devastation caused by the nuclear attacks.