Savage army of Pakistan sexually assaulted and molested women in Naag: Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

(Sangar News)
Baloch national leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch in his statement has said that Pakistan, in order to avoid failure in the upcoming elections, resorted to use brute force and had reached the peak of its barbarity in Balochistan. Pakistan, with the help of its created proxy death squads, is forcibly shifting people near military camps. Thousands of people are forced to live in starvation due to forced migration. He maintained, “This is a plan to increase the turnout in the forthcoming so-called elections, but Baloch nation already rejected them.” He added, “Throughout Balochistan, not a single house left where Pakistan’s cruel army had not killed a family member or enforcedly disappeared someone from the family. In short, every house is affected at the hands of Pakistani security forces; despite this, no one is going to accept Pakistani dominance.”

He informed, savage army of Pakistan sexually assaulted and molested women. On June 4th, in Naag Rakhshan area of district Washuk army forcibly shifted women into army camp; they tortured a pregnant woman that caused her miscarriage. Due to the lack of communicational system, sparse population and media blackout, such tragic news never reaches to the public, and this area comes onto the route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Though atrocities of Pakistan are not new, but this incident of raping young girls and women is nerve shattering. Previously, such incident also happened in Makkuran. This wicked act is a continuation of raping Bengali women as a tool of war strategy of Pakistan army. The world kept silent on the raping of 0.1 million Bengali women that had provided another opportunity to the evil army of Pakistan to repeat similar heinous crimes in Balochistan.”

Allah Nazar warned that in the 21th century, if the world’s ignorance continues this would be a black chapter in human history and international powers would he held responsible for those crimes. Dr Allah Nazar Baloch said, in such appalling situations the election campaign by so called candidates is a disgusting joke with the miseries of Baloch nation. Anyhow, Baloch nation would boycott the elections to show that they are not a part of this process.

We appeal to the world powers that they should send their media experts, analysts and envoys to cover the Balochistan during elections and submit their reports regarding the forced migrations of the people near army camps. United Nations and human rights organizations should meet with the victims of Naag, and hold Pakistan army accountable for these heinous crimes. He remarked, “Surly, 4th June is a Black day in the history of Baloch nation.”