Those taking part in elections are no leaders but occupier’s agents, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

(Sangar News)

Baloch national leader Dr. Allah Nazar in his statement said that there is no ethical and legal credibility of Pakistan sponsored elections in occupied Balochistan. He appealedthe Baloch nation to boycott the socalled electionsas they did in 2013 and sent a clear message to the world that Balochistan is an occupied territory and Pakistan has occupied it with the use of brute force. Like other schemes of Pakistan, the upcoming electionstoo are being held without the consent of Baloch nation.”

He made it clear that those who are contesting the elections are not the true representativesof Baloch people; the fact of the matter is they are the ones involved in Baloch genocide, and they admittedit on several occasions. No doubt, history is full of such incidents where a handful of traitors join the ranks of the enemy and become the facilitatorsof enemy forces; similarly,the Balochistan is no exception as some people also are doing the same here as well. These people justify the atrocities on Baloch nation with lame excuses, but one day they will be held accountable for their crimes.

Allah Nazar Baloch explained, in the past the state selected someindividuals as its representatives, even without any balloting. Pakistan will use them as its pawns to sign the death warrants of Baloch nation’s and continue the genocide, and prolong its occupation of Balochistan.  He added, from time to time,we have seen Pakistan brings forth its pawns throughits quasi-assemblies. But the last electionsdid expose the charade of democracy in Balochistan, where a person with less than 100 votes was selected and promoted into the position of chief minister.

He further said such people are mere agents and tout of the state.Even their resignation letters are already typed in and submitted into the office of Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) so that they will be kicked out of the office without any notice if they fail to perform a small errand. The way they ousted Sana Ullah Zahri from chief ministership, and later on the drama of senate election is quite clear to everyone. The election is nothing but a farce to exploit the national wealth of Baloch people and strengthen the occupation of Balochistan. These so called representatives are fully aware that their fate would not be better than Sana UllahZahri, but for personal gains, greed and worldly comforts they are involved in the genocide of Baloch nation. All parliamentarian parties and religious parties’ hands are soaked with the blood of innocent Baloch people.

Baloch national leader said, more than 40,000 Baloch, including women and children are in torture chambers.Thousands of them were killed; several mass graves have been discovered. Hardly there would be such atrocities in Syria and Burma. The world is oblivious toward Balochistan crisis due to Pakistan’s policy of Talibanisation and blackmailing. One of the main reasons of this is the media blackout and yellow journalism.Journalists and media houses are engaged in the propagation of ISPR pushed narrative and deliberately ignoring the Balochistan issue because they receive all kinds of incentives for doing so.

Dr. Allah Nazar said, there is not a single house in Balochistan that is not mourning the death of one of their loved one, and there is not a single family whose members have not been whisked away by the law enforcement agencies and disappeared. Everyone is treated like an animal. In such a situation Pakistan and its pawns think that the Baloch nation will be the part of their illegal and so called electoral process, this would be an utter misconception on their part, and a futile attempt to dupe the world community.

At the end Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, addressing the international media, said we appeal to the international observers that they would come to Balochistan; they not only cover the so called elections in Balochistan, but also visit those areas that are affected by Pakistan’smilitary operations, and report about it to the world.