State institutions are crating fear among Baloch masses & discourage participation in the Baloch National Independence movement: Bso Azad

The Baloch Student Organization (Azad) central spokesperson strongly condemned the ongoing military operation in Tump, Gumazahi, Awaran Buzdar, Mashky and Margat areas. The state institutions are disregarding rule of the war and keep intensifying and expanding their military activities in Balochistan.

BSO – Azad spokespersons says, state forces yesterday raided in Tump, Kech in Gomazahi, Malant and Pulabad areas Baloch civilian’s houses. State forces assaulted the Baloch women and Children. They looted their expensive belongings while the forces gunship helicopters bombarded the civilian population.  Sons of soil Hayatan Baloch and Rauf Baloch both got seriously injured and arrested. Same day forces looted Baloch houses in Awaran Buzdar areas. Forces burned Baloch civilian’s houses they have reached to the extreme by continuously carrying on Baloch genocide. Now, state forces are boldly burning civilian’s houses. Forces are leaving unarmed Baloch families along with their children’s on the open sky in the winter…

Additionally state forces deployed and surrounded areas in Margat, Bolan for another large scale of military operation plan. Therefore, forces besieged the entire areas. Forces are taking unarmed civilians live stocks by forces and their valuable belonging were stolen by forces. After that forces burned the civilian’s houses.

BSO spokespersons stresses, under National Party, other parliamentary groups and so called Sardars through their help states forces are further has increased their atrocities across Balochistan. The victim are innocent and unarmed civilians.

For many years state institutions have been using multiple tactics. It’s intentionally creating fear among Baloch masses. Recently in Tump, Kech in Balochistan area state in holding Mid-election. While state stooge and parliamentary politicians are making their publics fool to cast their vote for them. For this reasons, in last week Pakistani army started a military operation. It further intensified it in Dasht. Where forces have been setting up more army check posts. State forces are forcibly demanding public to participate in so called election.

BSO Azad spokespersons says, Baloch masses whom already supporting the Baloch national independent ideology. In the past election Baloch masses overwhelmingly rejected the so called state election. Therefore, state seems nervous due to its miserable defeat. Now, forces are demanding the Baloch public to participate on December 31, 2015 election. State main aim is to twist the ground facts before the international community to weaken Baloch independent movement. So, National Party included other parliamentary groups and Pakistani institutions must keep it in their mind the countless Baloch martyred didn’t sacrifice their precious souls for the Pakistani parliament, election and benefits. They instead sacrificed their lives for the independent of Balochistan. The Baloch masses are fully supporting their martyred ideology. The Baloch masses are playing their positive role in Baloch independent movement.

BSO-Azad Spokespersons further stated; in Balochistan, Pakistani forces are clearing the path for the foreign investors and for the China CPEC route. In order to complete the CPEC route Pakistani forces are targeting in the interior Balochistan all native population. Forces are rooting them out from their towns and villages. The State has forced mass-migrations of native Baloch from their homes and is further intensifying the military operation. At the present, Pakistan, China and foreigners investors will not be allowed to carry their projects against the will of Baloch masses.

BSO-Azad, Spokespersons says we repeatedly appealed to the UN, international institutions to take a notice. Meanwhile Pakistani forces day by day are intensifying their military operation against Baloch unarmed civilians. We appeal to all international institutions to play their role, stop ongoing Baloch genocide immediately.

BSO -Azad Spokespersons, also appeal to the Makuran Baloch masses not to participate on December 31, 2015 state so called mid election. Let’s prove your sincerity and support thousands martyred who sacrificed their live for the Baloch independent movement. Lets fail state collaborators and stooges.