Pakistani elections in occupied Balochistan, 24 hours service from 24th July till 26th july; specific desk from the institution of Sangar

Quetta (Sangar News) Sangar media group, chief editor of occupied Balochistan Dostain Baloch has informed media that from 25th July 2018 common elections are going to be held. The Nationalist parties of Balochistan have bycott the elections and they have appealed to Baloch Nation not to participate in elections. Baloch Nationalist parties have enunciated Pakistan is an occupied force    and in occupied Balochistan the elections held under the banner of Pakistan is absurdity and after the bycott of previous elections the Agencies and Pakistani army is compelling and threatening the innocent people of Balochistan to forcefully participate in elections.
By your help and accomodations the institution of Sanger has established an specific deal service (which is available 24 hours) to bring out the facts on surface and which will try to let people know about each and every news related to elections.
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