Thanks to Baloch nation for boycotting the General Elections 2018 - Balochistan Liberation Front

(Sangar News)

The spokesperson of Balochistan Liberation Front Goharam Baloch, in a statement thanked Baloch nation for boycotting the General Elections of 2018.

Goharam Baloch said, by boycotting General elections once again Baloch nation has casted their votes for the freedom of Balochistan and convoyed their message loud and clear to the world that Pakistan is an occupier state and Baloch nation will never accept Pakistani occupation and continue their resistance.

He added, during last 72 hours Baloch freedom fighters conducted 54 attacks on Pakistani forces and polling stations across the occupied Balochistan. More than 60 army personnel were killed, 50 plus injured and six vehicles of forces were badly damaged as result of those attacks.

Mr Baloch said, most of the polling stations were closed during the election day, the turnout was very low in those polling stations which were opened under the strict security of Pakistani army. Civilians were forced by the security forces to cast their votes against their will. Due to the low turnout, the security forces have casted bogus votes to their favourite candidates.

Goharam Baloch said, more than 60 thousand forces were deployed across the Balochistan during elections, this itself shows that elections in Balochistan were conducted under the barrel of gun. The Baloch freedom fighters stood firm and courageously fought against those army personnel, as result Pakistani army suffered heavy losses during election days.

He rejected ISPR’s statement in which ISPR accepted that few army personnel were killed in Balochistan during the General Election process, which is not correct. He said, By giving such false statements ISPR just keeping moral of their demoralise forces. Media is blackout from Balochistan journalists are not free to report, that’s why ISPR issues false statements to mislead the opinion of the international community.