New York Times in Pakistan removes article on brutal killings of secular bloggers,

The International edition of the New York Times newspaper had two blank pages after printers in Pakistan removed an article.

An article by one of the paper’s freelance correspondents, Joshua Hammer, headlined “The imperilled bloggers of Bangladesh” was removed from the front page and page two.

Third secular blogger Ananta Bijoy Das hacked to death in Bangladesh

The New York Times’ Pakistan correspondent, Salman Masood, tweeted a physical copy of the paper without the article and the online edition with the article, showing a stark difference.

The article focused on the brutal attacks and murders on a group of Bengali bloggers who are in support of gender equality, human rights and civil liberty and are battling online with Islamists.

At the heart of the piece is a man named Asif Mohiuddin an online activist, who had to flee Bangladesh after his free thinking, atheist views and secular blogging put him in sever danger.

He was brutally attacked outside the IT company building he worked at, with an eight-inch kitchen knife that missed his spinal cord by half a centimetre.