Despite use of military power Baloch nation refused to participate in Pakistani polls. Dr Allah Nizar

(Sangar News)

Baloch nationalist leader Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch in his statement said that contrary to democratic norms and values, Pakistan used military power; however, it failed to conduct elections in Balochistan, and Baloch nation out rightly refused to participate in Pakistani polls. Balochistan is an occupied land and Baloch people, like the previous elections, while realizing their colonial status, rejected Pakistani election that was conducted under military boots. This is a clear defeat of Pakistan. After a successful campaign the election was boycotted. Dr. Allah Nizar said, I congratulate the Baloch nation, and this election boycott will be a great advantage for Baloch national struggle in international arena.

Dr. Allah Nizar stated that election is a democratic process which is held within the framework of constitutional authority; Pakistan is a colonizingentity which has no legal grounds to hold election in a colonized land. These sham elections were against the will and wishes of Baloch people; that is why they boycotted and rejected the process of election. Pakistan lacks democratic norms. It is controlling Balochistan through military might, and it also conducted election through brute force. The atrocities of Pakistan army on Baloch nation are apparent, that’s why the army did not allow international observers to cover the electoral process in Balochistan; otherwise, itsatrocious role would have been exposedto the world.

He also expressed his concern that Pakistan has deployed the maximum number of its army personnel in history; more than 100,000 regular army troops are already deployed in Balochistan; an additional 60,000 were deployed under the pretext of its so called elections. He added that, we want to make it clear that the army and the paramilitary Frontier Corps are not the only forces, like in Bangladesh, many death squads and criminal groups are in collaboration with Pakistan army,that areengaged in the genocide of Baloch nation as well.This time Pakistan used every ounce its military might to coerce the Baloch masses to be a part of its so called electoral process; regardless of atrocities of Pakistani security forces, Baloch people did not move an inch for their determination, commitment and ideology and repulsed and rejected the so called elections.

Dr. Baloch asserted, old coteries are being replaced by newcoteries in order to counter the Baloch national struggle. So called National Party was used and flushed down like toilet paper. Now, a new band of defectors are being elevated.Among them religious extremists and Islamic terrorists were projected as democrats under the garb of its quasi-democracy. These are the people whose hands are stained with the blood of Baloch people. Pakistan has been promoting terrorism which is a looming threat to Baloch nation as well as to the world. The world must take notice of this; while the world is fighting terrorism, Pakistan is busy in promoting these elements into its parliament which is an alarming situation for the entire world.

Dr. Allah Nizar concluded that Pakistan has failed to conduct elections in Balochistan, yet it has forced people and dragged them out of their homeswith use of force to increase the election turnout ratio.But this would not justify its occupation nor can provide legal grounds for such exercise. Despite of its all failed programs, Pakistan would form a puppet assembly and provincial government with its proxies who would helpin crimes against humanity and genocide of Baloch nation. He maintained that sooner or laterBaloch nation willholdthose traitors accountable.