Highly talented Baloch artist killed over blasphemy allegations in Punjab

(Sangar News)

Death of a young talented Baloch artist, initially reported as a slip fall accident, has now been confirmed as a planned murder over blasphemy allegations.

Qutub Rind, who hailed from Jacobabad, died on 17 July 2018 in Lahore. It was initially reported that Mr. Rind had fallen from a building.

However, according to latest information, Punjab police has apprehended two men in relation to Qutub’s death, who have confessed of killing him over blasphemy allegations.

The Killers have been identified as Waqas and Hassan.

Police has also confirmed that Qutub was badly beaten before being thrown from a building window.

Qutub, born in 1984, was an alumnus of prestigious National College of Arts Lahore, where he had achieved distinction in Major studio.

Qutub’s death is the latest violence linked to accusations of blasphemy in Pakistan.

Crimes related to blasphemy are a serious offense in Pakistan, and penalties range from small fines to the death sentence.