BLA accepts responsibility for the suicide attack in Dalbandin – Jeehand Baloch

(Sangar News)

The attack in Dalbandin on bus carrying Chinese Engineers was carried out by a ‘fidayeen’ member of Baloch Liberation Army. 

Rehaan Baloch, a member of BLA’s Majeed Birgade, detonated his explosive laden vehicle near the convoy of Chinese engineers.

We have time and again warned that plundering Baloch resources is a moral and legal crime because Baloch nation is currently a victim of exploitation and occupation by a foreign intruder. 

Without Baloch nation’s consent, the exploration of Baloch resources will not be tolerated in any case. With this attack, we want to warn China once again to stop plundering Baloch resources and remove their engineers and infrastructure from Balochistan on immediate basis. 

China’s CPEC and all other related projects are not acceptable to Baloch and if China doesn’t withdraw from such exploitative projects, then they will not be safe from our attacks as we will continue to target them.

Our attacks for the protection of our natural resources and restoration of a secular Baloch nation state will further intensify.