BLA does not have any kind of representatives in London, Europe or United States

(Sangar News)

Jeehand Baloch, spokesperson of Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), said in the statement that BLA completely disassociates itself from a particular ‘egoistic person and his tiny group’ from today.

The statement, which was released on behalf of BLA’s ‘Senior Command Council and Operational Core Committee’, also condemned a ‘so-called’ statement released by Azad Baloch.

Earlier a statement, reportedly by Azad Baloch, was circulated on social media by supporters of a Baloch leader present in Europe, in which Azad Baloch had said that their group had not carried out  the suicide attack against Chinese engineers in Dalbandeen.

BLA in its today’s statement said that ‘It is quite obvious that the particular faction and its so-called high command does not have the capability and will to carry out such attacks against the enemy. However, their condemnation of Rehan Jan’s sacrifice confirms that the faction is at the same page with the enemy.’

Rehan Baloch referred in the statement was elder son of BLA’s top commander Aslam Baloch. On 11 August 2018, Rehan Baloch carried out a suicide attack on a bus carrying Chinese engineers in Dalbandeen. According to hospital sources, at least 4 including 3 Chinese engineers died in the attack, several others were injured. Pakistan’s foreign office claims only 5 engineers were injured and no body was killed, however, China had activated a major ’emergency response mechanism’ soon after the attack.

video of the attack has also been released in which the 22-year-old fighter is seen receiving blessings from his mother and father before blowing his vehicle near the Chinese bus. The suicide attack, that too by the son of BLA’s top commander, has widely been considered as a radical change in dynamics of Baloch resistance as the movement has traditionally not used such tactics.

Jeehand Baloch said in today’s statement that the founder of BLA Majeed Birgade and its commanders are still part of BLA and are performing their duties as per organisation’s policies. “The attack by Majeed Birgade on Chinese engineers confirms that the Birgade has continued its activities. Similar attacks will continue to be carried out against foreign investments and state machinery in occupied Balochistan”, the BLA statement read.

As per BLA’s statements, Majeed Birgade is comprised solely of Fidayeens (suicide-attackers). BLA is the first ever Baloch group to use suicide-attackers as a form of weapon.

Jeehand Baloch said that there is a background to the statement released by the so-called High Command. ‘It was the same faction that was responsible for the division of BLA in past. Not only that but the faction was also involved in smear campaigns against other Baloch armed groups and leaders. A particular individual was the main hurdle in front of forming organisational structure in BLA so that all decisions are controlled by him,’ Jeehand Baloch said in the statement without mentioning the name of the ‘particular individual’.

Mr. Baloch added that it was these acts that ‘benefited the enemy’ and severally damaged the Baloch movement. “Therefore, the organisation decided that such behaviour cannot be tolerated within the organisation anymore and the need for forming organisational structures was felt. It was also decided that the organisation will no more tolerate an individual to dictate his personal decisions. However, the said individual totally ignored the demands of majority of the organisation and instead used his dirty tricks even against the members of the organisation. This particular individual than formed a faction for himself comprised of few incompetent members and mostly outsiders to in a failed bid to pressurise the commanders of the organisation,” Jeehand Baloch said in the statement.

Jeehand Baloch further said that: “Though the said person crossed all limits, the responsible members of the organisation still tried hard to resolve the issues. However, the individual did not even care about organisational secrets and security and released media statements that were full of lies.”

“During this whole period, we had the complete support of armed organisations including United Baloch Army, Balochistan Liberation Front, Baloch Republican Guard. Though, the particular individual kept meddling in our issues but BLA concentrated on its armed activities and scores of attacks against the enemy were carried out from Makuran to Kahan in Balochistan. Now, the recent statement by the particular individual and his small group of individuals regarding the attack on Chinese engineers is a major question mark.”

BLA’s statement further added that: “After all these experiences, the majority of the organisation and the leadership decided that the organisation can no more tolerate the imposed decisions by an individual, therefore, organisational committees were formed to strengthen the decision making process. The organisation has formed two committees namely Senior Command Council and Operational Core Committee. All the members and commanders of BLA will report to these two committees. The so-called high command or anybody who doesn’t follow the discipline of these two committees will not be considered a member of BLA and the organisation completely disassociates itself from their deeds.”

BLA’s Jeehand Baloch said: “during a meeting of both committees, that was underway since last night, it has been decided that, considering the negative activities of this particular individual and his small group, BLA completely disassociates itself from these elements and they will have no affiliation with BLA, whatsoever.”

BLA further added that the only spokespersons of BLA are Meerak Baloch and Jeehand Baloch, whereas, will be the only official website of the organisation. The media channel of BLA is “Hakkal” and our official Twitter handle is “@BLA_Online. For the time being, BLA does not have any kind of representatives in London, Europe or United States. The Senior Command Council will soon appoint its representatives in foreign countries,” Jeehand Baloch said in the statement.

Jeehand Baloch vowed that no agreements will be accepted on exploration of Baloch resources by anyone including China until the restoration of Baloch national state. “Our attacks against elements involved in exploitation of Baloch resources will be further intensified,” BLA’s spokesperson added.