If China doesn’t withdraw, it will have to face the wrath of Baloch nation -Dr Allah Nizar Baloch

We will resist all China’s projects “in Balochistan.” Dr Allah Nizar Baloch

Baloch Pro-freedom leader Dr Allah Nizar in his statement said that China is a co-conspirator with Pakistan to plunder and exploit Baloch national wealth and helping Pakistan to strengthen its occupation of Balochistan. Baloch leader rejected the exploitive investments of China in Balochistan and termed those unacceptable for Baloch nation. He warned, “We will resist all Chinese projects in Balochistan.”

“China is providing latest technology and military equipment to Pakistan that is being used in Baloch genocide. This act of China has cultivated hatred against itself in the hearts and minds of Baloch people; and Baloch nation will never forget and forgive China for these crimes.”

He added that China itself had bore the brunt of slavery and exploitation; it should have had the empathy for the Baloch land, resources and national identity but unfortunately, China had forgotten its past. Now it has become a partner in crimes of Pakistan that it is committing against us. Hence, China must look into its past, and should realize the fact that how much powerful the liberation movements are.

Dr. Allah Nizar further stated, “Pakistan has not only deployed a large part of its army in Balochistan, on the pretext of protecting China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) related projects but Pakistan army and intelligence agencies have crossed all the red lines in committing worst atrocities in Balochistan.

However, despite all the oppression and barbarity of Pakistan, all the Chinese projects are suspended in the air, and this is obvious that all Chinese projects are facing resistance of Baloch nation.

Dr. Allah Nizar warned, “We would like to make it clear to China that Balochistan is an occupied land, and no project will ever succeed without the consent of Baloch nation; If China does not pull out of Balochistan then Balochistan will be the graveyard for the Chinese projects and all of its investments will be buried for good.”

He further explained, “Pakistani cruelty has reached to a level, it is crystal clear that China has a direct hand in it. In such situation any country that joins hand with Pakistan in its exploitive projects in Balochistan, will be deemed an accomplice of Pakistan in Baloch genocide and war crimes in Balochistan.

Balochistan is not some heirless land, that Pakistan, in alliance with any imperialist power, would be capable to colonize it forever and destroy Baloch national identity. Baloch nation has made countless sacrifices against Pakistani occupation that are still continued. If China does not withdraw from Balochistan, it has to face the wrath of Baloch nation.”

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch said, “Pakistan has been committing crimes in Balochistan for decades; more than 40,000 Baloch are enforcedly disappeared, and 10,000 were martyred in “kill and dump” policy, custodial killings and fake encounters by Pakistan forces.

Nevertheless, Pakistan has intensified its atrocities after signing of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) agreement. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced from their villages and hamlets, which come in CPEC route through military operations and forced migrations. These people are living miserable lives in different parts of Balochistan, Sindh and some are living as refugees in Afghanistan and other countries.

Dr. Allah Nizar remarked, “Those who have signed the National Action Plan and were members of the Apex Committee and instigated the military operations in Balochistan are equally responsible of these crimes; Baloch nation will hold them accountable.”

He said, “Today Baloch are forced to migrate and facing oppression; they are making sacrifices for a great cause of national liberation. A free Balochistan will be the outcome of these sacrifices.”

Baloch leader cautioned, “The world must realize the fact that without making a free Balochistan, there will not be any peace in the region because, the imperialistic ambitions of China and Pakistan’s policy of promoting terrorism is a warning of danger for the world. Baloch nation already bearing its ferocity, but it may engulf the entire world if they keep ignoring the danger.