Akhtar Mengal accuses National Party of being involved in Baloch genocide

(sangar News)

The National Party has been involved in Baloch genocide, Akhter Mengal stated on social media.

, Former Chief Minister of Balochistan, currently member of Pakistan National Assembly and Balochistan National Party (BNP) head, Sardar Akhtar Mengal, has accused the National Party (NP), of being involved in Baloch genocide.

National Party (NP) is the former ruling party and its head Doctor Malik was Balochistan’s former Chief Minister.

Sardar Akhter Mengal said this in reply to a National Party leader Jan Mohammad Buledi’s taunting tweet, in which he said that Akhtar Mengal has not only helped the PTI, Pakistan’s ruling government, to form government but also become a part of their tree planting campaign.

In response, Sardar Akhtar Mengal said, “For five years, together with Nawaz Sharif, you people enjoyed the luxury of federal and Balochistan government, we are at least only part of the tree planting campaign, not the Baloch genocide like your party (NP).

Some other political parties and organisations of Balochistan also accuse national party for being involved in launching military operations and enforced disappearances of activists in Balochistan.

A pro-freedom party of Balochistan BNM in a statement on Sunday has stated that ‘during Musharaf’s martial law, Baloch people were released after intense tortures in detention, in Asif Zardari’s PPP government we used to receive mutilated dead bodies then in PMLN and Dr Malik’e government we started discovering mass graves, and experienced intense military operations and fake encounters. Now the Imran Khan and Jam Kamal’s governments have also continued the same policies’.