We welcome suspension of US aid to Pakistan – its army is involved in war crimes in Balochistan: Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch

(Sangar News)

Baloch pro-independence leader Dr. Allah Nizar in his statement applauded Trump administration on suspending $300 millions of aid to Pakistan that it received from the USA for fight against terrorism. Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch stated, “Instead of fighting against terrorism Pakistan has been using these US aidsto promote terrorism and commit Baloch genocide. We consider the act of freezing of these aids as a positive step in the right direction. USA and Western countries should play more proactive role against Pakistan.The fact is that Pakistan is not against terrorism. In reality, it is the epicenter of terrorism and a sanctuary for terrorist outfits.”

Dr Allah Nizar further said, “The world has realized that the aid, which Pakistanreceived from USA and Western countries for fighting against terrorism,has been used promoting terrorism and to fund the genocide of Baloch nation. We have repeatedly informed the world that Pakistan is using USA aid, latest military technology and expertise against Baloch nation. US aid to Pakistanis proven to be fatal forBaloch nation, and we have suffered immeasurable losses due to these military aids.”

Dr Allah Nizar Baloch addressed the world community that NATO countries, following the footsteps of the USA, should analyze the situation that why,even after passage of two decades, they have failed bringing  the “war on terror” in Afghanistan to its logical conclusion? He explained, “The state of Pakistan, its army and proxy terrorist organizations are inseparably one and the same. Pakistan, by using religious fundamentalism as a tool, pillaged Afghanistan for too long. And it was an erroneous decision of the West to make Pakistan an ally for achieving peace in the region. Today the impacts of that flawed policy are clear to all. Dr. Allah Nizar warned, “Further reliance on Pakistan would be tantamount to further deteriorate the peace and stability of the region.”

Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nizar said, “After 9/11, the world hastily made Pakistan an ally; while Pakistan itself was and still is a breeding ground of terrorists and nexus of terrorism. To this date Pakistan is the sponsor of terrorism. Not only Pakistani law enforcement agencies are promoting terrorism, but also Pakistan army is the biggest terrorist army in the world which has crossed all limits of barbarity in occupied Balochistan. And it would put the regional peace and integrity at stake.”

Dr Allah Nizar said, “Baloch people are fighting their war for independence against the biggest terrorist state. Pakistan, its army and other law enforcement agencies are involved committing heinous war crimes in Balochistan.” The world community has to take notice of this, and should support Baloch national struggle for a free Balochistan. “Surly a free Balochistan is the only way out towards peace in the region”, maintained Dr. Allah Nizar.