Allah Nazar welcomes US decision to canel Pakistan aid

(Sangar News)
Baloch leader Dr Allah Nizar Baloch has welcomed the US military’s decision to cancel 300 million dollars’ aid to Pakistan for the latter’s failure in fighting terrorism.
“Pakistan never fought terrorism and never will. In fact Pakistan wants to fight the US with these terrorists,” said the Baloch leader in a statement.
He paid rich tribute to the martyrs of Jahoo, Moheem Baloch, Rashid Baloch, Aurangzeb Baloch and Gul Sher Baloch.
Dr Allah Nizar Baloch said Baloch youths were resisting the imperial powers and exploitations of natural resources, and they are giving invaluable sacrifices and playing a vital role in the national struggle for freedom, which is only possible through commitment and conscious attachment with the movement.  
“And this is the reason, after passing of two decades, Pakistan, despite of reaching the pinnacle of atrocities, has and would be failed to suppress the Baloch national movement,” he said, adding: “Freedom is the national right and destiny of the Baloch nation.”
He asserted that a humanitarian crisis had emerged in Balochistan. “It is the responsibility of the United Nations and other world bodies to declare Balochistan a war zone, and intervene with immediate effect.  Pakistan army is involved in genocide of Baloch nation.”
Dr Allah Nizar said mass graves being found in Balochistan are no secret to the world.
“The social, political, in short all form of exploitation of Baloch nation continues unhampered. Pakistan army during military operations burns houses and crops on a daily basis. Livestock is one of the major sources of the Baloch livelihood, but state bombardment has destroyed all livestock.”
“It is the utmost responsibilities of United Nations, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations to hold Pakistan accountable for its atrocities that are committing in Balochistan.”
Dr Allah Nizar Baloch said, “For the last eighteen years of atrocities and genocide of the Baloch nation through continuous military operations, this year Pakistan has brought further intensity in the scale of operations in Balochistan to make its so-called elections feasible.  A great number of people were abducted and killed. Abduction and killing, torture, kill and dump, fake encounter, prohibition of Balochi writing and reading, raid on bookstalls, ban on books and keeping all such crimes out of media come into the category of genocides.”
He said the apathy of international  organizations provided impunity to Pakistan to further escalate a humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.