The Self-determination of Baloch in perspective of "blue water doctrine" and "salt water thesis"

Kachkol Ali  ...  Human rights lawyer

The Self-determination of Baloch in perspective of "blue water doctrine" and "Salt water thesis"  Baloch National Liberation Movement is according to United Nations  Charter, precisely  because self-determination enshrined in the Charter of the U.N. Articles 1 (2) and 55.Hence Baloch nation by virtue of hereinabove mentioned Article of U.N.categorically refuted the  frivolous and concocted version and allegation of Munir Akram Article which appears in Dawn newspaper on 16.09.2018. Wherein he said that the  Baloch freedom fighters have been sponsored by the Indian government terms them as terrorists, the unfounded allegation aim to camouflage and conceal the the state terrorism of Pakistan atrocities in term of Baloch genocide, ethnic cleansing, crime against humanity and war crime have been committing since a decade, across Balochistan,in the name of national security and counter-terrorism with all kinds of impunity in the context of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.
CPEC is for the destruction of Baloch peoples and Baloichistan. It is not only against the spirit of Declaration of Development but also all the international instruments, for examples contravention with the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural rights, and the principle of Limburg for the implementation of the ICESCR and its human right fact sheet No. 13. Furthermore it's against the Declaration on the Right of indigenous people and its fact sheet No. 9. In nutshell The belt and road initiative is a new phenomenon of China evil Imperialism and expentionism for entire world. Balochistan especially Gwadar, which cement Chines and Pakistani strategic interests and strengthen the colonializattion of Balochistan. From Gwader the pipelines would lead into a network extending from pacific Ocean western to the Caspian Sea. A bustling by virtue of Gwader Deepwater Port with refueling and docking facilities at the extreme south western tip of Pakistan, more a part of Middle East than of the Indian Subcontinent, equipped with a high highway and oil and natural gas pipelines that extend northeast through Balochistan into China. Therefore Gwadar becomes the fusing hub of the belt and road initiative of China,both land and maritime through CPEC, which becomes the gateway to landlocked, hydrocarbon - rich Central Asia.  By virtue of which to capture the world most population economic markets, oil pipelines and geopolitical strategies,especially military. The Baloch nation being an underprivileged nation and is the most potential victim of CPEC, precisely because Pakistan and China are constructing the CPEC and Baloch indigenous are resisting, both the deep states are slaughtering Baloch people and enforciably transferring them from their villages and Twons in the name of national security and counter-terrorism, which is absolutely serious violation of Articles 63,64 and 65 of Limburg principle.
          It is an established fact that Balochistan was annexed by dint of aggression, there is also documentary evidence in form of notification of viceroy of Hindustan dated 11. 08. 1947, prior to the declaration of independence of India and Pakistan, Balochistan was declared as an independent state. Therefore by virtue of its peculiar background and annexation. The  doctrine and theory of "blue water doctrine" and "salt water thesis "attract the claim of Baloch self-determination struggle in the terms of prevailing international principles, norms and laws.
It is pertinent to interpret the phrase Known as the" blue water doctrine "in context of the right of all peoples to self-determination and the establishment of the legal right. Which extented legal validity to claim of sovereign independence by colonized populations, it only validates such claims make in relation to territories geographically separate from a colonizing power. In 1970, the U. N. General Assembly eliminated any doubt that decolonization threatened the territorial integrity of a State by declaring that the territory of colony has "a status separate and distinct from the territory of the state administrating it.

   Similarly the concept of the" salt water thesis " according to which sovereign  independence could be attained, under the banner of the right, only a geographically separate colonial master. The 1960 and 1970 Declarations are understood as affirming this theory known as the "salt water thesis".
    So for as the self-determination of Kashmir is concerned if we honestly cast a glance on the background of both Balochistan and kashmir which are phenomenally and historically twin issues. The Chauvinist approach of Munir Akram compel me we have to juxtapose Baluchistan with kashmir  to invite the attention of the readers to a very nice topic" Plurality of Impartial Reason"  Wherein Sen in the context of inconsistency of reason reproduced William Shakespeare, Play king John, where he remarks that our general evaluation of the world is often, influenced, by our own special, interest: Well, whiles I am a beggar, I will rail And say there is no sin but to be rich; And being, rich, my virtue then shall be To say there is no vice but Beggary.
        Keeping in view the above mentioned doctrine and theory in the context of Balochistan peculiar background, annexation and aggression , the struggle of restoration of aboriginal position and right of self-determination of Baloch is  in toto in accordance to Article 1(2) and Article 55 of the U.N. Character.