The act of demolishing graves in Martyrs Graveyard contravenes the human values: BSO-Azad

Sangar News

Quetta: Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) Central Spokesperson condemned the act of demolishing graves of Baloch martyrs in the New Kahan Quetta Graveyard and added that  outrage of the graves of martyrs is actually an act that badly contrives the human values and expresses the barbarian mentality of the state.

Graves of the Baloch leaders and political activists are in New Kahan Quetta Graveyard who have been martyred in the state military operations or in custody. The grave of Baloch national leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri is also in this graveyard. Demolishing gravestones of graves in darkness of night in fact is a symbol of fearfulness and defeat from the Baloch national movement.  

The Spokesperson further said that different areas of Balochistan are completely under the state military operations and there are concerns of loss of human lives. On previous day, at the early morning, military operation was started in Drenjann and surrounding areas of Tehsil Sui of Dera Bugti. During the raid at homes in this operation, two persons, who are shepherds, have been disappeared and shifted to undisclosed location, and houses were sat on fire.  

Forces enforcedly disappeared four people from Dasht Showleegh, Kech. One more person was disappeared from Dasht Hour during the raids at homes in that operation and women were severely tortured. While forces raided house of Kohda Abdulla in Mand, Kech and severely tortured women and children and illegally arrested Mola Bux and then shifted hum to an unknown location. Hatoon Bibi, an elder woman, died of the torture during this raid; this act is a condemnable.

 Since many years, Balochistan is under bloody operations which have now gained acceleration in enforced disappearance and killing of women under a new policy, and the silence of international community is quite surprising.  

The spokesperson at the end of statement appealed to the civilized world to take notice of human rights violations in Balochistan and give back the right to live to the Baloch nation