Kech: Another groom goes missing

Sangar News

A groom was abducted on third day of his marriage from Buleda area of district Kech on Saturday.

Pakistani forces have arrested and taken a man to an undisclosed location from Meenaz area of Buleda.

The abductee has been identified as, Shehzad s/o Irshad.

“Shehzad was abducted by Pakistani forces during a raid on his house on the third day of his marriage”, local sources said.

This is fourth incident in a span of two months, where wedding ceremonies are raided.

Earlier in Mashkay, two grooms Mohammad Sadiq and Abdain were also disappeared in August and September respectively.

International Human Rights Council Hong Kong (IHRCHK) had launched an appeal for the release of 19-year-old Mohammed Sadiq and other missing persons.

According to an urgent case published on the website of the campaign group, IHRCHK details the disappearance of 19-year-old Baloch student Mohammad Sadiq, who was ‘kidnapped by law enforcement agencies’ on 27 August.

In September another raid was carried out in Washuk area of Balochistan during a marriage ceremony of a man named, Tahir, two brothers Tahir and Jamal, sons of Fateh Mohammed, were taken to undisclosed location.

Balochistan is plagued by the enforced disappearances of Baloch youth and activists. However, recently instances of ‘women and children abductions’ have also been reported.

International campaign groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International accuse Pakistani security forces as the perpetrators of ‘illegal abductions in Balochistan’.