BLF claims attack on Pakistani forces

Sangar News

Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) has taken the responsibility of an attack on Pakistani forces during the military operation in Mermasi Mashkay area of Awaran district,

Gohram Baloch, spokesman to BLF stated: “we attacked the forces with heavy weaponry, which resulted in killing 3 army personnel and injuring two more. The clash started when forces were trying to cordon off the area on the fourth day of ongoing military operation in Mashkay area of Balochistan, but our fighters successfully broke the siege“.

“Military operations in other areas of Awaran are continued by Pakistani forces and there are reports of shelling on civilians”, he alleged.

Gohram Baloch further said, “on 29th September our fighters targeted a military vehicle in front of the military camp in Hoshab area of Kech district.”

BLF spokesman also claimed to target Khalid Yaqoob in Tash Balgatar area of District Kech.

“Our fighters opened fire on Khalid Yaqoob’s vehicle, He is an active member of a death squad, one of his collaborators Ibrahim got injured in the attack .