Schools in Gwadar ordered to teach Chinese language

Sangar News

Schools in Gwadar have been ordered to teach Chinese language to the students amidst increasing Chinese influence in the region.

Occupied Balochistan’s  Chief Minister, Jam Kamal, has ordered authorities in Gwadar to immediately start teaching Chinese language till Class VI.

According to sources, Chinese language will most likely be made a compulsory subject. However, Balochi language, the mother tongue of majority of students in Balochistan, is not taught in schools.

Jam Kamal, who also heads Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), made the orders while on a visit to Makran division.

BAP, which was formed this year, is mainly comprised of electable and it is considered very close to Pakistani establishment.

The announcement of teaching Chinese language comes at a time when Chinese influence in the region is increasing at a high rate. Baloch political groups believe Chinese influx, due to construction of Chinese funded multi-billion dollar project China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), will result in demographic shift converting Baloch a minority on their own land.

CPEC, which has its major part of corridor passing through Balochistan, is facing stiff resistance by Baloch armed groups.