BLF claims responsibility for deadly IED attack which kileed 10 Pakistani forces

Sangar News

BLF has claimed that it killed 10 personnel of Pakistani forces in an IED attack in Awaran.

According to a statement released to media, Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) has said that it was behind the attack that killed 10 personnel of Pakistani military Tuesday in Awaran.

BLF claimed that 10 personnel of Pakistani forces were killed in the improvised explosive device.

Earlier, one the vehicles of a military convoy was targeted with an IED in Peerandar, Awaran. Pakistani military confirmed that 5 of its personnel died, whereas, 8 others were critically injured. Independent sources had put the number of causalities higher than the government figures.

Goharam Baloch, the spokesman of BLF, said that Pakistani gunship helicopters arrived in the area soon after the attack.

He blamed that “Pakistani defeated forces will now target innocent civilians as they cannot face Baloch fighters”.

BLF also claimed that it killed a person called Tahir s/o Khan Mohammad in Jhao. BLF accused that the deceased was an informant of Pakistani forces.