Four women & Several Baloch taken to military camps in Awaran Jhao

Sangar News

Several persons including 4 women have been taken to military camps in Jhaoo area of district Awaran.

Numbers of people including four women have been arrested and taken to military camps during a freshly launched cordon and search operation in Tobokad area of Jhaoo, on Sunday.

“Pakistani forces started a military operation early morning Today in Tobokad town of Jhaoo, and abducted number of civilians including women,” locals alleged.

Two of the men have been identified as, Basheer Ahmed s/o Mohammed Hussain and Mohammed Ramzan s/o Badain, whereas, the arrested women were identified as Khair bibi d/o Mohammed Hussain, Mahjan d/o Sulaiman, Sameena d/o Ali Murad and Lal Khathoon d/o Ghulam Mohammed.

“The women resisted against the abduction of Basheer Ahmed and were therefore also mistreated and abducted by forces personnel”, local residents said.

According to sources, several others were also arrested and taken to the Waja Bagh army camp, however, the identification of other abductees has not been ascertained yet.