Balochistan: Two Pashtuns killed several disappeared in military operation

Sangar News

At least two members of a Pashtun tribe were killed and several others were disappeared in the military operation that lasted for days in various areas of Bolan.

The military operation that was launched days ago in different areas of Bolan has come to an end. There are confirmed reports of multiple persons belonging to Pashtun tribes being killed and disappeared in the military operation.

Last week two bullet riddled dead bodies were discovered from Looni Kaur area of Bolan. Whereas, at least 10 persons have also been taken away by Pakistani forces.

It has now been confirmed that the victims belong to Dhumar and Nasar tribes of Pashtun community. Many members of these tribes temporarily settle in different areas of Bolan in winters to provide a warmer environment for their livestocks. These areas include Buzgar, Looni Kaur, Jantro, Kaman and Gunbadi.

Various military operations have been conducted in these areas in past too