Baloch leaders condemn Kandahar incident

Sangar News

Kandahar incident in which police chief of the province General Abdul Raziq was killed has been condemned by various Baloch pro-independence leaders.

Various leaders took to Twitter to condemn the incident and termed it a great loss for Afghanistan and the region.

Prominent Baloch leader  Dr Allah Nazar Baloch said in a Tweet: “I salute the brave General Abdul Raziq who died a heroic death”.

Dr Nazar alleged that “Pakistan and its terrorist ISI assassinated” Kandahar Police Chief as part of their “dirty game to destabilize Afghanistan”.

Dr said that it is time for world powers to change their policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan region.

Rahim Baloch, another Baloch leader and former Chairman of Baloch Students Organisation, also expressed similar views and said: “Assassination of Kandahar Police Chief General Abdul Raziq and others is an attack of ISI backed elements on efforts for peace, democracy and stability in Afghanistan”.

Mr. Baloch paid his condolences to the aggrieved families and the people of Afghanistan.

Baloch veteran leader Mir Abdul Nabi Bangulzai also paid homage to General Raziq and said in a tweet that martyrdom of Kandahar Police Chief is a great loss for Afghanistan and its peace. “On behalf of Baloch brethren we pay our hearties tributes to the martyrs”, he added.


Yesterday, Kandahar Police Chief General Abdul Raziq and the Kandahar Intelligence Chief General Abdul Momin Hussain Khel lost their lives in an attack, while the governor of the province sustained injuries.