The attack on IG Frontier Corps was a joint operation – BLA, BLF claim

Sangar News

Jeehand Baloch, spokesperson of Baloch Liberation Army , claimed that attack on IG FC was a joint operation by BLA and BLF fighters.

The convoy of Major General Saeed Ahmed Nagra was attacked by unknown armed persons near Washuk on Thursday.

Jeehand Baloch claimed that six personnel were killed and more than a dozen was injured in the attack.

The convoy of IG FC, comprising of more than five vehicles, was attacked while on its way from Washuk to Khuzdar.

Jeehand Baloch, Spokesperson of BLA, said that it was a joint attack by the fighters of BLA and BLF (Balochistan Liberation Front).

“We ambushed the convoy of IG Frontier Corps in Washuk early in the morning, as a result of the attack, six personnel were killed and more than a dozen of soldiers were injured”, said Jeehand Baloch

“Two vehicles were completely destroyed in the attack, but IG’s vehicle managed to escape”, he added.

Jeehand claimed that Washuk and the areas surrounding CPEC route are continuously under military oppression, they want people to migrate from the areas and for that military might is shown every day.

“Today, during the ambush, Pakistani military tried to pin us down but our fighters managed a safe-escape amidst continuous firing. Such attacks on Pakistani forces will continue until the independence of Balochistan”, said Jeehand Baloch.