Crimes of Pakistan would eventually shake the conscious of entire world. Allah Nizar Baloch

Sangar News

Pro-independence Baloch leader Dr Allah Nizar in his statement says that Baloch national movement is headed towards its destination. Pakistan will run out of its disgraceful tactics to counter our struggle but they cannot defeat our resolve.

He added, “Baloch nation has rendered historical sacrifices for the liberation of Balochistan, and their sacrifices will continue.”

The veteran leader remarked on the failure of Pakistani policies in Balochistan, “Pakistan’s failed strategy can be observed by its ever changing narrative. For last eighteen years, from war crimes to the drama of surrenders, until now Pakistan has hatched so many schemes to quell the Baloch movement but to no avail as it has failed to neither boosting the morale of its armed forces, nor it has succeeded to suppress the Baloch nation to back off from its demand for a free Balochistan.”

Dr Allah Nizar Baloch said, “Pakistan is losing more of its credibility by every passing day. On one hand Pakistani narrative says there is no movement in Balochistan and only a handful of miscreants are fighting against the state. On the other hand, after every two months, it presents a hired crowd with a surrender drama. This itself is enough to negate Pakistani narrative. If only a handful of miscreants are fighting then who are those thousands of people that surrender? Pakistan is deceiving the Baloch and the world with its fallacious narrative.

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch, while commenting on the surrender of some guerrillas, said, those who surrender often succumb to the hardships and atrocities inflicted by the enemy and they lack national commitment. He further said, “There is a widespread political and armed resistance in Balochistan. Thousands of Baloch are part of this struggle. However, the surrender of a few fainthearted people cannot end the movement rather strengthen it as the history of national liberation movements suggest.”

Dr Allah Nizar Baloch made it clear to the enemy forces, “Baloch nation will continue giving sacrifice for their national cause and will fight the enemy till the last man standing.”

He added, “Pakistan is involved in gross human rights violations in Balochistan but the media is willfully silent about it. Despite that everything is being reported through different channels. Similarly, the international bodies are also silent on Pakistan’s war crimes. But the crimes of Pakistan would eventually shake the conscious of entire world.”