Attack on Chinese consulate is a natural reaction against Pakistani oppression and Chinese ambitions: Dr Allah Nazar

Daily Sangar

Baloch nationalist leader Dr Allah Nazar in a statement, while commenting on the attack on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi on Friday November 23, said that the attack was a natural reaction of Baloch nation against Pakistani aggression and Chinese imperialistic ambitions. China is a crime partner with Pakistan in Baloch genocide to fulfill its imperialist aspirations and to tilt the balance of power in its favor in this region whilst employing Balochistan's strategic position and exploiting its natural resources.
He said, for the last several years, Pakistan army is engaged in a continuous military aggression in the length and breadth of Balochistan. China is providing Pakistan with vast amount of investment, military equipment and expertise in order to make, the Baloch-killing project, CPEC including other imperialist projects to succeed. Even in some operations, Chinese helicopter gunships and commandos have directly been involved in the aggression against Baloch nation.
Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that all the projects including China's CPEC, which are being built against the will of Baloch nation, fall under the endeavors of making Baloch homeland their colony. Villages and hamlets on both sides of the CPEC routes and surrounding areas have been blown up or bulldozed. People’s homes have been turned into dust and ashes and they are forced to migrate. The displaced are still living in appalling conditions. In Balochistan it has been a routine to abduct Baloch, torture them to death in custody and dump their bodies all across Balochistan, Karachi and now Punjab. But after the inception of the CPEC project, genocide of Baloch nation has increased significantly. Baloch are fighting against China and Pakistan on different fronts. The attack on the Chinese Consulate is an open and pronounced message to China that Baloch sons can break in through all your barriers to attack you and make you realize that Balochistan is not some heirless land.
He said that I pay the richest tribute to the martyrdom of Baloch sons, martyred in the Chinese consulate attack, Azal Khan Marri, Raziq Baloch and Rais Baloch. And I treasure their sacrifice, courage and passion for freedom of Baloch nation. The martyred Baloch sons have written a new chapter in our history. Just like in the past, as a living nation, Baloch will continue to fight against oppression, tyranny and colonization. It is our fundamental right and it is a just cause according to the global principles. According to the UN Charter, this resistance will continue till its logical conclusion i.e. a "free Balochistan".
Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that the occupying state of Pakistan has inflicted immeasurable brutalities on Baloch nation for the last two decades. As China itself has passed through the wars of revolution and freedom. Therefore, we believe that China will have to recognize that nations cannot be subjugated in this manner. Nations are known by their values. History is the witness that the defense of the homeland and resistance against oppression and tyranny are included in our core values.

 He said that the Baloch nation owns a long history of protecting their country and national interests against the British, Portuguese and other invaders. Today, Baloch is passing through the age of biggest sacrifices of their history against Pakistan and its imperialist ally China. Despite the never-ending atrocities, a terrorist state like Pakistan can never break our resolve. Rather it will strengthen and motivate us more. Baloch is a living nation and among living nations, forgetting the martyrs and deviation from their mission is something unthinkable.
Finally, he said that we hope that China will not remain a partner with Pakistan against the will of Baloch people and their interests; instead it will revise its expansionist policies immediately