DW has hurt the sentiments of the families of missing persons. Khalil Baloch


Sangar News

The chairman of Baloch National Movement Kahlil Baloch said the struggle of missing persons' families has entered in a critical phase; However Pakistan is trying to dilute it with different ticits. The german based news network Deutsche Welle  (DW) has falsely claimed that the names of attackers on Chinese Consulate are in the list of Baloch missing persons. He said it is against the ethics of journalism and condemnable.

The German news organization has hurt the struggle and sacrifices of Baloch by becoming a part in Pakistan’s propaganda and tried to make the case of Baloch missing persons controversial. And DW should take notice of this news report and rectify its mistake.


Khalil Baloch commented that the the problem of Baloch missing persons is not only an issue, but also it turned into a humanitarian crisis and to make it controversial is equal to war crimes. The organizations of Baloch missing persons and other human rights organizations are continuously updating  missing persons lists, and submitting it to Pakistan, United Nations and other International Organizations; till date no one questions the authenticity of the list but the german news agency has tried to maligne the case of Baloch missing persons by highlighting the Pakistani narrative proving that international media is under intense pressure of Pakistan Army.


He also cautioned that international media must have a close watch on journalists those who are part of Pakistani propaganda. Such elements not only destroy the peace of organizations but also became a cause of defamation of journalistic values.


He said, Pakistan has turned Balochistan into black hole, where Pakistani army and international agencies are involved in human rights violations but Pakistani media is engaged in the promotion of the Pakistani propaganda.

Pakistan journlists and media houses have become the symbol of yellow journalism and become the part of to distort the Baloch genocide.


He said that thousands of Baloch have been enforced disappeared in last eighteen years but Pakistani media has been engaged in the promotion of the Pakistani narrative which clearly indicates that media is an equal partner of Pakistan in its crimes.


Baloch National Movement's chairman said that DW has hurt the sentiments of the families of missing persons and attempted to malign the true and transparent struggle of the families of missing persons. This report is attestation of Pakistan Army propaganda. We hope that DW will show-cause its reporter and would stand with the truth.


Chairman Khalil Baloch said, the crisis of missing persons is a question mark on the conscience of world humanity. The humiliation of humanity at the hands of Pakistani army is an insult. Still international organizations have not taken the notice of this humanitarian crisis.


He added that the pains and agony of the families of missing persons is violation of human rights and equal to endorse the cruelties of Pakistan.


The chairman of Baloch National Movement said, international media must not forget that Pakistan is involved in human war crimes in Balochistan and would use such elements to evade its war crimes as it did by using Dutesch Welle reporter.