Baloch students face racial profiling in Punjab

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Baloch students face racial profiling in different universities of Punjab, as authorities collect information on ethnic basis

According to the details, attack on Chinese consulate by Baloch insurgents has alarmed the authorities in Islamabad and different universities in Punjab have started collecting information regarding the Baloch students and employers at their universities.

Baha’uddin Zakariya University in Multan city and Nishtar University in Punjab has asked for the details of Baloch students enrolled at their universities.

According to reports in Pakistani media, university authorities are also keeping an eye on the activities of Baloch students and Baloch employers.

Analysts have termed these activities as racial profiling of Balochs on the basis of their ethnicity.

It is pertinent to mention that no students were involved in Chinese consulate attack, which was claimed by Baloch Liberation Army (BLA).

Similar profiling of Baloch students was reported this year in Karachi University, where university authorities collected details of Baloch students and called it a security measure for university students.

However, several students were forcibly abducted allegedly by Pakistani forces soon after the data were collected.

Baloch students now fear a similar crackdown against them in Punjab.