Balochistan: Another student disappeared from Chagai

Sangar News

Another student was forcefully disappeared from Chagai district of Balochistan on Wednesday.

 Student has been abducted by Pakistani forces in Dalbandain area of Chagai.

Abductee has been identified as, Mohammed Asif s/o Haji Deen Mohammed, resident of Killi Khuda-e-Rahim, Dalbandin.

Mohammed Asif is a student of Degree College Quetta in capital city of Balochistan.

Earlier this week from Chagai another person was also abducted by forces.

On Monday a NGO officer, Hussain Jamaldini was arrested on a checkpoint by Pakistan forces near Girdi Jungle area of Chagai and moved to an undisclosed location whose whereabouts are still unknown.

A surge has been witnessed in the abductions of students in Balochistan after an attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi by a Baloch insurgent group. Since then dozens of students have been abducted.