Human Rights Day: BNM protests in different countries

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Human Rights Day: BNM protests in different countries 


Baloch National Movement central spokesperson announced that BNM would protest in several cities of Germany, Netherlands and Australia on 10th December, on the eve of International Human Rights Day. The purpose of this demonstration is to carry forward the voices of the families of missing persons into international organizations and highlight the ongoing military operations, extrajudicial killings in detention, enforced and involuntary disappearances of thousands of Baloch activists and in solidarity with the families of missing persons sitting in Voice for Baloch Missing Persons’ (VBMP) camp in Quetta.


The Central spokesman remarked that the world is unknown about these atrocities due to complete media blackout in Balochistan; and international media has been denied access to Balochistan. In such conditions the civilized world is combat upon to call Pakistan in question on inflicting atrocities on Baloch people.


He also appealed to social media users to use hashtag of #BalochGenocide also with hashtag of #HumanRightsDay and help exposing the atrocities of Pakistan before the world.


The Baloch National Movement central spokesperson appealed to all pro freedom Baloch and human rights activists to take part in the events and help in exposing state terrorism and play a role safeguarding human rights.